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Password management for seniors

We all know one shouldn't use the same password everywhere, instead, password managers are recommended. But not everyone is tech-savvy enough to use a password manager, for example, my grandmother. What can we do instead?

Write down passwords in a book

I suggest writing them down with the simple reasoning that the people that break into your house are not the same people that hack you.

There are special password organizer books that could be a nice gift.

Password Organizer
JUBIC Password Book

Burglars are unlikely to steal books, but fire is still a risk.

Generating passwords with dice and a dictionary

Even if they write down the passwords, the passwords might be weak. Normally, we'd use a password manager to generate passwords, but to help tech-illiterate people we can instead use dice and a special dictionary.

By rolling a few dice they'll know which word to include in their password by looking it up in the dictionary. Then repeat that process a few times to generate a multi-word password.

There are physical dictionaries you can buy that are made for this, for example Dice Word List or Password Generator for Ten-Sided Dice.

Dictionary and dice
Password Generator for Ten-Sided Dice

This system is not perfect, but it's most likely a lot better than what they currently use. And it makes for good gifts to encourage them to use it!